Summer Camps

The annual 3 days Summer Camps for the sponsored children at 10 different places on theme “Child and Parent Relationship” More+


School Benefits
Professional courses
Personal benefits
Medical assistance
Family benefits


a) School Benefits :
The children under ASHA trust will get school like tuition fee, school uniform, other school materials like tie, shoes, belt, books, provision for trips like educational tours or excursions per annum.

b) Professional courses assistance :
ASHA initiates and supports candidates financially who wish to under go further courses like ITI, nursing and other job oriented courses.

c) Personal benefits :
The children under ASHA trust will personally receive a gift during Christmas and Camp time. This will be selected by the team keeping in mind the utility to the whole family.

d) Medical assistance :
If the child is ill because of various reasons ASHA trust will assist the child and family members with partial help financially. If the child is seriously ill due to any sickness or if the child is need of surgery, ASHA trust will help partially. A review of the children is made through medical camps to enable the children to be aware of his/her health with all the preventive measures.

e) Family benefits :
Since the child is receiving the required School materials for his education, the family is been given a gift during the time of Christmas/ Diwali and Ramzan. If the hut or house is in need of any renovation or a small repair,ASHA trust will take an initiative to help the family. The siblings of the particular child in the family will also benefit for the education along with the sponsored child. As per the agency if the child has received extra amount we can use it for the help of the family.

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